Akuna is the Aboriginal word for flowing water and symbolically water has a wonderful undertone of purity and fertility and is often seen as the very source of life itself.

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Ceremonial Cacao – Superfood Powerhouse

If you are looking for a powerhouse, natural food with a wide range of health benefits, then Ceremonial Cacao is for you.

Unlike Cacao powder, Ceremonial Cacao is cacao in its most purest form. That is, it has not been defatted and endures minimal processing, under very low temperatures to maximise its health benefits.

So, why is Ceremonial Cacao so good for you?

Here are some very powerful reasons to consider drinking this delicious superfood;
enhances cognitive function
boosts mental health
reduces oxidative stress with antioxidants
supports cardiovascular health
metabolic health
mediates the natural inflammatory response

Additionally, Ceremonial Cacao can:
boost energy levels
strengthen bone and skin health
reduce the risk of cancer.

It also contains essential minerals for overall health and wellness such as;

If you are looking to have long term health and wellness, then Ceremonial Cacao fits the bill.

Cognitive Function and Mental Health

Theobromine is a mild, but natural stimulant that interacts with adenosine receptors throughout our body. Benefits of this include a boost to our energy levels and greater cognitive function.

Our bodies contain neurotransmitters like dopamine, seratonin and anandamide and cacao contains several compounds that are similar to these. They include:
tryptophan, tryptamine, phenylethylamine (PEA), and natural cannabinoids called N-acylethanolamines.

These are able to activate our brain pathways that control behaviour and memory, improve focus, and elevate feelings of joy and pleasure. This is a powerful combination of brain enhancing factors that can provide positive mental health with sensations of joy , happiness and wellbeing.

Powerful Antioxidants

Flavanols are powerful antioxidants and are contained in cacao. These protect our cells from oxidative stress damage by scavenging free radicals, thus preventing chronic inflammation. Another benefit of flavanols is that they inhibit the activitation of pro-inflammatory enzymes in our body when they become over active. This stops any excess production and circulation of inflammatory molecules in our bodies. It can also prevent development of chronic inflammation conditions that include cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome.

Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes

Factors contributing to metabolic syndrome and diabetes include; high blood pressure, high blood sugars and obesity. With this comes chronic inflammation, higher heart rate and chronic stress.

Theobromine acts to dilute the blood vessels (vasodilation) which leads to lower high blood pressure.

Cacao, through this process is able to improve symptoms and conditions associated with metabolic syndrome.

Theobromine – Boost Energy

Theobromine is found in cacao and is a natural stimulant, although unlike caffeine it is less potent as a stimulant and doesn’t over activate the adrenal system. Effectively you get a sustainable uplifting effect without the peaks and troughs associated with caffeine.

Theobromine blocks the adenosine receptors in the body and by influencing the effects of adenosine, boosts energy, enhances focus and mood, creating a truly uplifting effect.

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