Akuna is the Aboriginal word for flowing water and symbolically water has a wonderful undertone of purity and fertility and is often seen as the very source of life itself.

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Dandelion Spice Tea


Introducing our🌼 Dandelion Spice Tea Blend,🍵 crafted with a sprinkle of science to help fend off spike proteins and pesky viruses from infiltrating your cells and ACE2 receptors. Sip away worry as this tea supports your lungs, boosts your immune system, and tames inflammation.


But wait, there’s more! With daily consumption, say goodbye to unwanted parasites while keeping your liver and kidneys in tip-top shape.


Ingredients: Dandelion Leaf, Dandelion Root, Star Anise, Clove



“Why Tolman Health Products are Your Go-To:

Organic Bliss🍃:

We’re all about the good stuff! We use organic ingredients whenever we can, and when we can’t, we make sure they’re pesticide- and GMO-free because nature knows best!

Digestive Support Dynamo💫:

Inspired by the Tolman Method of Healing, our founder, Tyler Tolman, crafted Tolman Health Products to help you detox and keep your digestive system in tip-top shape!

Rooted in Nature🌿:

We’re all about that plant-powered life! Our products are totally vegan and packed with plant-based goodness because we believe in supporting your health with what nature provides.”

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