Akuna is the Aboriginal word for flowing water and symbolically water has a wonderful undertone of purity and fertility and is often seen as the very source of life itself.

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Lion’s Mane Mushroom Powdered Extract


A nootropic medicinal mushroom revered for its brain, memory and cognition enhancing benefits.



Lion’s Mane has been used for centuries as a tonic for overall health and wellness and it is native to China, Japan, North America and Europe. Traditionally prescribed as a general restorative, it has always been recognized to have a positive effect on the brain, with ancient physicians using it to treat what we now identify as neurodegenerative diseases.


Its ability to enhance cognitive function and performance is supported by recent research. Nerve Growth Factors have been found in the mushroom extract and this is significant as researchers uncover ways that Lion’s Mane may help to nourish the nerve tissue and even act as a catalyst for nerve restoration.


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Additional information


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