Akuna is the Aboriginal word for flowing water and symbolically water has a wonderful undertone of purity and fertility and is often seen as the very source of life itself.

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Known as the mushroom of immortality, Reishi will calm the mind and strengthen the heart.



Reishi is held in the highest regard by Taoist Herbalists and longevity enthusiasts. Known as the primary shen or spirit tonic in Chinese tradition, it is revered for bringing peace to the body, mind and spirit. Reishi is acknowledged as the Great Protector because of its ability to protect and tone the cardiovascular system, cleanse the liver, upgrade the immune system and tone the bone marrow.


Additionally, recent research has confirmed Reishi’s ability to assist with gut health and reduce inflammation, which is the leading cause of all disease, particularly cancer, auto immune and other degenerative disease.


Superfeast wildcrafted Reishi is harvested from it’s natural surrounds in China’s Dabie mountains.


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