Akuna is the Aboriginal word for flowing water and symbolically water has a wonderful undertone of purity and fertility and is often seen as the very source of life itself.

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Wood Fired Ceremonial Cacao




Ethically sourced from organic farms in the Honduras, Wood Fire Cacao bring you the very best grade ceremonial cacao.

Cacao has been produced in the Honduras for over 2000 years, during the Mayan era and so this cacao has a direct lineage to that era, bringing you premium quality, organic cacao steeped in the Mayan heritage.

Wood Fire Ceremonial cacao is cacao in its most purest form, that is, it has not been defatted and endures minimal processing (a very gentle wood fire roasting), under very low temperatures to maximise its health benefits.

Here are some very powerful reasons to consider drinking this delicious superfood;

  • enhances cognitive function
  • boosts mental health
  • reduces oxidative stress with antioxidants
  • supports cardiovascular health
  • metabolic health
  • mediates the natural inflammatory response

Additionally, ceremonial cacao has over 40 times more antioxidants than Blueberries, is a source of plant based iron, magnesium and calcium.

Wood Fire Cacao is lovingly crafted in small batches, wood fire roasted from stone ground cacao beans, in the coastal city of Mandurah, Western Australia.