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The Power of Essential Oils for Kids: A Parent’s Guide to Safe and Effective Remedies!!

Hey there, parents! Let’s talk about a secret weapon you might already have in your arsenal: essential oils for your kids.

Yep, those little bottles of goodness aren’t just for adults; they’re great for the whole family, including the mini versions!

When your little one’s feeling under the weather or just needs a little extra TLC, having a stash of natural remedies can be a lifesaver. No need to rush to the doctor’s office; you’ve got everything you need right at home!

But before you start slathering those oils on, let’s talk safety. Kids’ skin is super sensitive, so it’s crucial to be extra cautious. Some oils can pack a punch, causing a warm or even hot sensation on the skin if not diluted properly. Ouch! That’s where a patch test and dilution come in handy.

Take peppermint, cinnamon, lemongrass, and oregano, for example; they’re considered the “hot stuff” of the essential oil world. Always dilute these bad boys before using them on your kids. And if things start feeling too fiery, grab some olive oil or jojoba to calm the burn.

Now, here’s another fun fact: some oils can make your skin extra sensitive to the sun. So if you’re using citrous oils like lemon or orange, be sure to slather on the sunscreen or stay in the shade for a while after applying.

When using essential oils, whether we’re diffusing them or putting them on our skin, it’s crucial to dilute them because they’re super concentrated. This is especially important when dealing with kids.

Okay, safety talk over! Let’s dive into the good stuff—which oils are must-haves for your kids? Here are a few of my favourites:


The ultimate chill pill for bedtime woes. It’ll help your little one drift off to dreamland in no time. Plus, it’s a lifesaver for pesky bug bites!

Tea Tree:

A superhero for cuts and scrapes. This antibacterial oil will keep those owies clean and germ-free.

Young Living Thieves:

Consider this your immune system‘s bestie. Roll it on the feet to fend off those nasty germs, or diffuse it to freshen up the air.


When the cold season hits, this is your go-to for coughs and congestion. Just diffuse it or rub a diluted blend on the chest and feet for some sweet relief.


This little gem boosts the immune system and helps other oils work their magic even better. Mix it with your favourites for a powerhouse blend.

And if you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry—Young Living’s got your back with a whole range of kid-friendly oils. They’re already diluted and ready to roll, literally!

So there you have it, folks—essential oils aren’t just for grown-ups. They’re a game-changer for the whole family, teaching your kids the power of natural remedies from a young age. Thanks for tuning in, and happy oiling!