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What You Should Know About Sprouts & Micro Greens

When you sprout seeds and beans you are germinating them and in so doing making them more easily digestible and ensuring they maintain their maximum nutrient profile.

They will always be best consumed raw because you will not be reducing the hormones, oxygen, phyto nutrient and enzyme profile. As mentioned in a previous article, when you cook raw foods you instantly diminish the profile of these rendering the nutrient quality inferior.

So, from a scientific perspective what does sprouting do?

Firstly, it breaks down the anti-nutrients, enzyme inhibitors and lectins, while increasing the content and making available the many beneficial nutrients and amino acids to our bodies. Additionally, sprouted foods break down the compounds that cause digestive disturbances including things like flatulence.

How would you like to receive up to 100 more enzymes into your body as a result of consuming sprouts & micro greens as a raw, nutritious food?

What is there not to like about sprouts and micro greens? Increased vitamin and mineral content, including a big boost of B-vitamins, Carotene and vitamin C., not to mention protein.

Want to increase the level of amino acids, then go and sprout nuts and seeds which will boost the beneficial amino acid Lysine as well. (Just be careful not to consume too many nuts. While activating them is beneficial you still need to moderate the intake of them.)

So, when you consume a complete sprouted seed you are consuming the complete plant, thus getting all of the benefit from that plant, meaning you are going to be supporting cellular health and regeneration while protecting them from free radicals that will roam the body damaging our cells.

Here is a quick run down on some of the sprouts and their benefits:

  1. Broccoli sprouts – these are the big daddy of the sprouts/micro greens, containing sulforaphane, a cancer fighting compound. These sprouts are the most potent of all plant foods for fighting cancer, containing up to 100 times more sulforaphane than normal broccoli plants.
  2. Sunflower Sprouts – high in protein (as are all sprouts) phytosterols (compounds structurally similar to the cholesterol in our body, so can reduce cholesterol and are also anti-inflammatory), essential fatty acids and fibre.
  3. Alfalfa Sprouts, great source of vitamins C, K & B-vitamins and good source of saponins, that help with cholesterol balance and immune system support.
  4. Generally, sprouts contain a good source of isoflavones (these are polyphenolic compounds, may offer protection against age related disease – cardiovascular, osteoporosis, forms of cancer and cognitive function) and protein.
  5. Other types of sprouts can include, lentils, pea, radish, clover, kale, cress, amaranth, cabbage, adzuki, bean, mung bean and fenugreek.

So, sprouts/micro greens are an extremely nutritious way to consume raw greens, having massive more amounts of phyto nutrients than the normal vegetables consumed (up to 100 times more) and are anti-aging, anti cancer, anti viral, anti bacterial, anti parasitic medicine.

They are very easy to grow at home and most plant centres have the seeds available and do-it-yourself packs ready to go, making it an inexpensive way to get highly nutritious plant food.

So that’s it again for another Akuna article. I hope that you have found it informative and beneficial!

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