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Why Activating Legumes Is Critical For Good Health

The process of activating legumes like Chick Peas, involves soaking and then sprouting them. Most people do not realize how beneficial this process is for the nutritional benefits.

This process breaks down enzymes and chemicals in the legumes, which makes them easier to be digested and also improves the absorption of nutrients into our body.

The main chemical that is broken down in this process is phytic acid. The reason is that phytic acid tends to bind to a lot of minerals which makes them harder to absorb into our system. The importance of making enzymes more digestible means it can enable less bloating, gas and better bowel movements.

By sprouting the legumes, you are gaining many nutritional benefits including:

  • Legumes become more alkalizing
  • Aflatoxins, a carcinogenic compound can be broken down
  • Change of the macronutrient profile in which the proteins break down into smaller amino acid chains, enabling easier digestion. Additionally, complex sugars also break down (better for our digestive system)
  • The germination process increases vitamin C and also B vitamins and carotene.

To soak your legumes (I like to do mostly Chick Peas), place dried into a large bowl and cover generously in water. Remember they will absorb a lot of the water. Leave to soak overnight. I like to add enough water to cover 2 cm above the chick peas.

Next day I drain the Chick Pease and cover with a cloth until I see them starting to sprout.  I like to leave them 24-36 hours and then rinse and place in a glass container and refrigerate.

They taste amazing raw, but you can also cook them to make them a little softer, particularly if making Hummus, you will need to cook them.

I like to add them raw to a bowl that will include quinoa (with a little lemon juice), home made sauerkraut and some avocado. If you eat eggs, then add an organic boiled egg to the bowl (minus the yolk). If you have some home made cashew cheese you can add that as well. Yum!!

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